PowerLift® Standing Desk

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PowerLift® Standing Desk

Was: $1,258.60
Now: $799.00
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The PowerLift®️ Standing Desk by Versatables

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An innovative, customizable work station with features including adjustable height and an interactive whiteboard surface. With three size options, four surface color options and two leg color options, you can easily customize your PowerLift Standing Desk. Create a standing desk that suits all your needs with the optional keyboard arm & tray, CPU holder, basic monitor arm, front 110 power USB and wheel kit! 

The adjustable-height desktop elevates from 25" - 50" (or 28"- 53" with wheels) at the touch of a button. Our electric lift works quickly and seamlessly and moves to the perfect sitting or standing height for your comfort. Made with our exclusive interactive whiteboard surface that works with your own regular dry erase makers, you can brainstorm and take notes like never before.

Our patented, advanced electromagnetic linear actuator system is the most energy efficient design available, running on a mere 12 volts of power. This delivers a smooth vertical force of 1334 newtons or (350 lbs).

The programmable control switch allows you to choose from a 25" range of different heights that can be pre-programed for easy access. So if you are sitting in the morning and standing in the evening or anything in between, you can find your desired height for each position and save it as 1 of your 4 presets.

The design of our desks is modern, sophisticated and sleek. Each desk has a much-needed cable management system with an under-desk tray and three desktop grommet holes that provide an excellent cable management solution. Keep your desktop looking clean and professional by sliding your cables through the holes to hide the cable clutter. The under-desk cable management tray compartment keeps the chords off the floor and the mess out of site. Even when you lift and lower you desk, your cables are never pulled or stretched. Everything stays in place and organized. Standing desks have never been so easy and useful!

  • Weight: 103-129 lbs.
  • Width: 48"/60"/72"
  • Height: 25" - 50"
  • Depth: 30"

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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