PowerLift® L-Shaped Standing Desk

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PowerLift® L-Shaped Standing Desk

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PowerLift® L-Shaped Standing Desk


This is not your regular L desk - it's an innovative and versatile workstation with convinient height control and endless customization options so you can easily adapt your desk to fit your space and needs throughout the day.

The adjustable-height desktop elevates from 31" - 47" at the touch of a button. Our electric lift works quickly and seamlessly and moves to the perfect sitting or standing height for your comfort. Our patented, advanced electromagnetic linear actuator system is the most energy efficient design on the market, running on a mere 12 volts of power. This delivers a smooth vertical force of 1334 newtons or (300 lbs).

The programmable control switch allows you to choose from a 31" range of different heights for easy access. So if you are sitting in the morning and standing in the evening or anything in between, you can find your desired height for each position.

The design of our desks is modern, sophisticated and sleek. Each desk has a much-needed cable management system with an under-desk tray and three desktop grommet holes that provide an excellent cable management solution. Keep your desktop looking clean and professional by sliding your cables through the holes to hide the cable clutter. The under-desk cable management tray compartment keeps the chords off the floor and the mess out of site. Even when you lift and lower you desk, your cables are never pulled or stretched. Everything stays in place and organized. Standing desks have never been so easy and useful!

iOS App Features

  • Quickly Pair your workstation and phone via Bluetooth
  • Pair multiple devices and stay connected for next use
  • Seamlessly control your desk height from your device
  • Customize your preferred height presets
  • Effortlessly flip between presets with automatic drive
  • Set and track your fitness goals
  • Get movement reminders to boost health benefits
  • Compete with colleagues and encourage each other