WorkNest Office Cubicles

Redefine Your Workspace with Glass Office Cubicles

Thinking In the Box can be more inspiring with WorkNest glass office cubicle system - Versatables' new innovation. It keeps your own space while avoiding isolation with walls. WorkNest office smart office partition system makes office space planning much easier modules:

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Office Cubicles

4 Seat Cubicles

H + T

4 Seat Cubicles Against Wall

T + T

4 Seat Cubicles Row

C + L

WorkNest Work Nest Office Cubical System Structure

Redefine Your Office to Provide A Workspace That Invites Inspiration, Motivation and Colaboration
Give your entire office a new look and feel while providing your team members something that they want to come to work for! Versa Desk has done it again with our sleek, sturdy WorkNest office cubicles. A cubicle is not an isolation or simply an office partitioner, it is the space where the owner of it feels inspired, open-vision, motivated and personalized. We considered all that for you, still leaving space to your imagination and personal set up.

  • Heavy Duty, Forever Last Cubicle Workstation
  • Made of tempered glass and metal, the Versatables Work Nest office cubicle system is solid, sturdy and will never look old, while other type of office cubicles have only 7-10 year lifespan. They can be relocated to your new location, and expandable with your team growth.
  • Illuminated
  • Each workspace cubical comes with an LED-illuminated personalized door frame panel that has a space for your name
  • Informative
  • Each workspace has a sublet status bar that lets other team members know not to bother you or if you have open hours to collaborate
  • Sliding Door Option
  • We are the only manufacturer with a sliding door option to make your space truly your own.
  • Customization & Personalization
  • Each panel can be personalized with any of our seven laser-cut screens.
  • WorkNest Floating Work Station
  • The WorkNest workspace utilizes our sit-to-stand desk technology; our proprietary design ensures no bulky legs to get in your way. Ergonomic health is our number one priority, the Floating Power Lift desks can easily be mounted to our extra-strong walls for an ultra-clean look and max use of space.

Not only can you redesign your office, but you can REDEFINE it today. The new Versa Desk WorkNest glass cubes not only look chic but strong, sturdy, and safe. Glass panels are the cleanest, safest materials, and glass naturally is an antimicrobial surface. Cleaning with glass panels is easy. Here at Versa, we couldn’t imagine coming into work to some stuffy old cubicles. The old-school office cubicles with padded walls are ugly and bad for your health. Padded foam walls accumulate Allergens, Dander, dust mites, and even black mold, which is dangerous for people to breathe in. Tempered glass walls are completely fire resistant and meet or exceed all fire in electrical codes. Breathe well and see well are clear glass designs that allow users to expand their minds while focusing on the latest and most significant endeavors.


  • What is the Shipping Time?
  • We will ship your cubicles within a week.
  • Is the Glass Panel Strong?
  • Yes, all the glass panels are made of premium fixed-temper glass
  • What is the frame made of?
  • Our systems are heavy-duty 2” Square carbon steel welded frames, unlike other flimsy aluminum snap-together structures that fall apart by just looking at them.
  • Is it easy to install?
  • Most setups take about 30-40 mins and are easy to assemble, with simple, straightforward, sturdy parts making setting up any size office fun, easy, and quick
  • Is the modular panel heavy?
  • Yes, our WorkNest system is a little heavier and more manly (he-him) LOL, but we designed it with smaller modular panels that can be simply carried to the job site bolted together.

Heavy Duty

Steel Fram

Strong & Safe

Tempered Glass.

Sleek Innovation

MOdular Design

Space Saving

Sliding Door

LED Illuminated

Ambient Lighting.

Status Bart

Open or CLose Time