Sit-To-Stand Classroom Desks

Sit-To-Stand Classroom Desks

VersaTables offers a variety of high quality sit-to-stand height adjustable classroom desks. The Stand Up Desk is giving students the ability to stand and move, helping to burn excess energy, and potentially helping them focus. These small movements can be beneficial to a student's activity level, and may help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Stand up computer tables are becoming a popular choice in school classrooms today. Our classroom school desks come in a variety of colors and are height adjustable to fit in any classroom or grade level. Other stand-up desks make ideal office workstations for employees who desire a standing height desk. The stand-up desks are also popular in commercial spaces as guest computer terminals or courtrooms. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional school desks give these stand-up desks a try.

Contact us for volume quotes and questions about any stand up style desk available for purchase.

Product Construction:  

  • Origin of Manufacturing: Versa Products USA Made in Los Angeles, California 

  • Frame Construction: Heavy duty 14 & 16 gauge recycled carbon steel tubing 

  • Paint & Finish:  Dupont heavy duty powder coat, baked on scratch resistant enamel @ 425 degrees (100 colors available) 

  • Surface Material:  Cleanable Wilsonart commercial grade horizontal laminate (300 custom colors available) 

  • Board Material: High density .75 - 1” thick recycled MDF wood board with phenolic backer and non toxic bonding agents

  • Edging & Adhesives: Recycled simi flexible plastic T Moulding bumper edging & Water based non VOC adhesives 

  • Welding: Hand welded at all structural connections, full mig welds ¼” continuous beads  

  • Hardware: Grade five zinc coated fasteners ⅜” , ½”, ¼” bolts / nylon insert nuts

  • Packaging:  100% recycled cardboard materials 200-275 lb double wall boxes / custom wood pallets 

  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) copies available upon request for all materials listed.