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Foundry Bench

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Product Description

Our Foundry Bench is the newest and latest, revolutionary sit to stand design by Versadesk. Our patent pending “Roller Glide / Track & Pinion” uses 64 high performance sealed bearings for the smoothest vertical lift without shaking. While all of our competitors are importing the same oversea generic leg sets. We set out to disrupt the market by addressing what the customer truly needs. Simple, sturdy, easy assembly and reliability; with lifetime Warranty on everything period. Built to last as a product of our “Free Parts Program”. Our CEO Chris Laudadio was really on a mission to design a quality product that not only performs to the highest ergonomic standards, but is unique in design.

The Foundry Bench is functional “Industrial Chic. The outer bearing roller cage was engineered to work with two of the most powerful track actuators ever used for standing desks.

The Foundry Bench is an industrial standing desk with a unique blend of metal and natural bamboo, this adjustable-height desk is a multifunctional piece of furniture.

The technology driving the Foundry Bench is scalable. First we begin with the highest quality internal hardware and electronics. Then we programmed a self aligning tracking sensor into each leg. Even if you did have a problem the assembly is so easy, removing any part takes minutes, just send us the part and we will replace it free of charge. It’s that easy! Each Foundry Bench it’s pre-engineered with all of the necessary mounds and pre-drilled holes for any of our 16 different accessories. If you want to set up one monitor or six, we will help you do it!


Foundry Bench sit to stand / dual electric motor 36” / 48” / 60” width x 30" depth

  • Surfaces: Solid ¾” Real Natural Bamboo desktop
    • Top Surface: 12” deep with three access grommets monitor mounts
    • Main Surface: 16” deep with pre drill mounting for all accessories
  • Frame: Extra thick 1-¾” Steel square tubing, 3/16” thick steel mounting plates
    • Grade 5 steel machine bolts
  • Roller bearing carriage patent pending 32 roller bearing steel cage for extra smooth travel of surfaces.
  • Drive motors: DC low voltage heavy duty commercial grade linear track actuators 600 newtons force
    • Smooth and Steady Uplift Action
  • Lifting Capacity: 350lbs / 159 Kilograms
  • Lifting range: 30” to 48”- 52” height Vertical Travel varies 18”-20” / 457 -500 mm
  • Control Switch: Illuminated up / down USB / charging with / child proof, disable
  • USA Made: Los Angeles California
  • Warranty: LIFETIME Parts Program