PowerLift® Circle Standing Desk


PowerLift® Circle Standing Desk

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PowerLift®️ Circle Standing Desk

Edison Electric Standing Desk

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Introducing the Versatable PowerLift®️ Circle Standing Desk. This unique surface design gives the user a large working surface area unlike conventional tables. PowerLift®️ Circle Standing Desk is a height-adjustable table that is ideal for those empty areas in the center of rooms allowing it to flow in any environment. Ergonomically designed this workstation accommodates almost any user. Includes one grommet hole for monitor mounting and its configurable with any of our accessories. 



Surface Specs




Features and Benefits 

  • Electrict-powered lift!
  • Height range 30-52"
  • Memory setting digital display switch
  • Powerfull motor lifts up to 250lbs
  • Grommet holes
  • Cable management