Habitat Electric Standing Desk

MSRP: $999.00
Was: $1,079.00
Now: $599.00
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Habitat Electric Standing Desk

MSRP: $999.00
Was: $1,079.00
Now: $599.00
(You save $400.00 )
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Habitat® Electric Standing Desk

Introducing Versa’s most versatile electric height adjustable desk collection, Habitat® Electric Standing Desk was created to give you all the options in a proven, popular design.

Aesthetic and Smart, the Habitat® Electric Standing Desk frame is perfect for creating rearrangeable single-user setups in both an office or home office environment.

Smart Top Frame

With 5x faster installation compared to traditional construction, the Quick and Easy Connect system of our Smart Top Frames installs and sets up with one simple step.

5X Faster Installation
No Screws Required

With our simple innovative engineering design we make your life easier than ever to set up your desk!

Smart Feet Design

Sleek modern steel feet bends at 30 degrees.

Six Button Programmable Controller

5 Surface Color Options

With 5 beautiful surface color options: Black, Cherry, Maple, Gray and White, you can match the esthetics and design that completes the desired look of your office or home.

Designed to lift and lower the desk with a touch of a button, the Habitat® Electric Standing Desk is perfect for multi-user environments like training facilities, classrooms, and computer labs or anyplace in which users may need to adjust the table height frequently.

Perfect as a standing desk, The Habitat® Electric Standing Desk desk comes in 3 sizes (48" * 30", 60" * 30" and 72" * 30" )

The scratch-resistant, stain-proof surface offers 25" of height adjustment with a maximum height of 50" making it one of our most versatile sit-to-stand options.

Customize your Habitat® Electric Standing Desk with our Basic Keyboard Arm & Tray or one of our many monitor arms and create a comfortable, ergonomic workspace that will transition with your evolving needs. **Wheel Kits Not compatible with Habitat desk**