Electric Table CPU Holder


Electric Table CPU Holder

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  • Fits any size Edison Electric Lift Drafting Table ELE-DT from
  • CPU Holder rises and lowers with Electric Table, so cables are never stretched
  • Protects your CPU from kicks, bumps, and water damage
  • Fits all CPU cases from 3.5" to 8" in width
  • Ideal for Mobile Units
  • Allows for air flow and temp control
  • Made of rust-proof, scratch-proof steel
  • Premium hardware
  • Easy installation

The most important part of your computer is the CPU, which many people still store on the floor, under the desk where it can easily be kicked, knocked around by brooms and vacuums, or susceptible to water damage. Protect your data and minimize downtime by adding a CPU Holder to your Electric Table. Compatible with any size of our VersaTables ELE-DT Electric Lift Drafting Tables, the Electric CPU Holder accommodates any case between 1.3" and 11" in width. By mounting your CPU on your Electric Table with an ELE-CPU rather than resting it on the floor, it will be easier to adjust the table all the way up to maximum height without exceding the length of your monitor, mouse and keyboard cables.

The versatile design of the ELE-CPU allows you to customize the holder to snugly fit your CPU while the simple mounting system makes it easy to mount underneath your Electric Lift Table, making it ideal for left-handed users as well as right-handed. The Electric CPU Holder is perfect for mobile tables that are often reconfigured like those in a classroom, library, or conference area; the CPU stays securely attached to the table as it moves without the risk of falling or the need to unhook cables.