Revolution Computer Desk for 2 Persons, Enclosed

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Revolution Computer Desk for 2 Persons, Enclosed

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Revolution Classroom Desk 

The Versa Tables Enclosed Revolution Classroom Desk name says it all!  Sometimes the computer monitor can become a distraction or visual obstruction to the classroom instructor.  This brillant design rotates and hides away the monitor into a locked position when not in use, turning into a fully functioning desk.

Versa Table's all steel frame construction will last for a LifeTime without lubrication. All pivot points have bronze inserted seated bushings for quiet movements that will never squeak or make noise. The release mechanism is a spring loaded and machine hardened steel pin system with a pull handle.  We use compressed gas springs for smooth controlled movements when rotating the monitor at almost 155 degrees with no clanking or slamming. The monitor mount has a limited range of adjustment so that monitors up to 24” can be mounted easily and angled in case of head glare. The rotating surface is a perfect fit matching the main surface which is cut from the same sheet on our advanced computer control (CNC router saw). The backing has an extra sheet metal to guard against any old monitors overheating. The fully enclosed sheet metal body design allows for a clean look within every training or office environment. This extremely sturdy desk has been manufactured for the past 20 years in our Los Angeles factory. These tables can be set up for computer training workstations with one or two users.  Each desk is designed with preconfigured holes and mounts to enable the stock desk  to transform into a computer classroom training table.  It has mounts for CPU holders, keyboard arms, trays and an extensive variety of monitor mounting solutions.  Every table includes a steel cable management support channel that runs along the bottom.  Many of the public and private school systems enjoy this table because it can be used as a classroom training workstation, instructor's desk or set up for a computer lab environment .  

Key Features : 

    • Rotating monitor surfaces 
    • Enclosed sheet metal body 
    • 2 Keyboard trays
    • 2 adjustable CPU holders 
    • Lower cable management tray
    • 4 monitor capacity 
    • BIFMA Certified 
    • Made in USA 
    • Classroom activity table or computer lab furniture setup
    • LifeTime Warranty / Free Parts Program
  • GreenGuard certified materials


Life time manufacturer warranty

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