Volo Wall

Volo Wall

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What’s your perfect space? A quiet, private office clad in wood veneer? A beautiful glass conference room? A creative hotspot where you freely sketch ideas floor-to-ceiling? Maybe it’s a simple, practical shared place in a beautiful environment. Whatever your vision, Volo brings your space to life with speed, ease, and performance.

Volo can create the aesthetic of custom millwork or perform like traditional drywall, with the practical advantages of movable walls. The unitized, non-progressive construction allows fast installation and reconfiguration. As an added advantage, Movable Walls can usually be depreciated much faster than drywall — ask your accountant.

NOW Available in Frameless

  • Movable walls offer the look of permanent architecture, yet reconfigure fast with little impact to ceiling and floors
  • Create offices, meeting areas or quiet zones—versatile panel sizing conforms to any space
  • Combine aesthetic and functional tiles to customize the look, privacy and performance
  • Tailor the degree of visual and acoustic privacy required
  • Crown and Base style options offer aesthetic and functional options
  • BIFMA level 2 certified for sustainability
  • SCS Indoor Advantage certification on all components
  • Can contribute to LEED points
  • Movable walls can usually be depreciated much faster than drywall—ask your accountant
New Frameless Options

The new Volo Frameless panels join a full Volo array of options that let you create a workspace to meet your needs, vision, schedule – and budget.

Integrated Solutions

  • Frameless Corner
  • Smooth Transition to Drywall
  • Attaches to any surface
  • Vertical adaptor to the door jamb
  • Utilizes Volo Doors
  • Works with existing Volo

Design Elegance

  • Low Profile Framing Components
  • 2,2,2 Aluminum Sliding Door (shown here)
  • Minimal Adaptor to Drywall
  • Consistent Flow and Details

Functional Simplicity

  • A simple kit of parts
  • Three framing components
  • Four extrusions (floor runner is two-part)
  • Floor and Ceiling Runner

Frameless Adapter to Ceiling

2,2,2 aluminum sliding door

Double Sliding Doors
  • Now offered as standard selections with 3-4 week lead times
  • Plenty of options to create just right design inspiration
  • Variety of double door options: Aluminum Framed and Wood with HPL or Veneer
  • Wood Flush Door and Full Lite options
  • Wide array of options for pulls (18″, 36″ Post Pulls and 72″ Ladder Pulls) in Satin Chrome & Black
  • Locking and non-locking option for all pulls
  • Locks are standard or SFIC
  • Highly sustainable solution for space division
  • Unitized Panel construction for fast installation
  • Panel Height: 8” to 120” in ½” increments
  • Panel Width: 6” to 48” in 1/8” increments (Glazing Tile up to 60″)
  • Door Height: 7′, 8′ abd 9
  • Flush Wood, Full Lite Wood, Aluminum Framed Door options in Swing or Sliding styles
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Door option
  • Panels can be monolithic or have up to 7 segments
  • Tackable, Laminate, Veneer, Glazed, Glass Marker Board and Back Painted Glass Panel options
  • Large selection of architecturally-inspired Doors and Pulls
  • Integrates with existing building interiors and systems furniture
  • Cable Management capabilities
Variations & Options


  • Flush Wood Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Full Lite Wood Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Aluminum Framed Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Doors
  • Double Sliding Doors in Aluminum and Wood match the Single Door Option

Plus + Hardware

  • Choose among four styles of door hardware
  • Sliding Door: 18” & 36” Post Pulls and 72” Ladder Pulls
  • Swing Door: Lever Set
  • Locking and non-locking options available


  • Insert Tiles reveal structural frame elements for a contemporary look
  • Outsert Tiles protrude slightly from the frame, creating a subtle reveal
  • Mix or match up to seven tiles on each side of the panel—Inserts, Outserts or both
  • Tackable, Laminate, Veneer, Glazed, Glass Marker Board and colorful Back Painted Glass

Base and Crown

  • Two Crown styles, Traditional and Reveal
  • Four Base options: Aluminum, 2″ Vinyl, 4″ Vinyl and 6″ Vinyl
Standard Surface Materials

Paint & Trim


Panel Vinyl


Panel Fabric

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