Volo Frameless Wall

Volo Frameless Wall

SKU: VFW-SIN 33721

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New Frameless Glass Panels add the elegance of pure space-defining glass to Volo’s versatile lineup. The sleek storefront option affords clear views and a clean, sophisticated look at a highly competitive price and industry-leading lead times.

The new panels join a full Volo array of options that let you create a workspace to meet your needs, vision, schedule – and budget.


Volo Frameless imparts an upscale ambience and complements any architectural setting with an improved aesthetic and lo-profile elements.

  • Low Profile Framing Components
  • 2,2,2 Aluminum Sliding Door (shown here)
  • Minimal Adaptor to Drywall
  • Consistent Flow and Details

Frameless Adapter to Ceiling

2,2,2 aluminum sliding door


Volo Frameless fully integrates with Volo’s already expansive range of aesthetic and functional design options.

  • Frameless Corner
  • Smooth Transition to Drywall
  • Attaches to any surface
  • Vertical adapter to the door jamb
  • Utilizes Volo Doors
  • Works with existing Volo

The Clean lines of Volo Frameless give a full glass storefront aesthetic. Using a minimal kit of parts that can be ordered as a package all components work effortlessly with Volo Framed options.

A Simple Kit of Parts for Volo Frameless includes:

  • Ceiling Runner
  • Floor Runner (2-part)
  • Vertical Adapter (attaches to drywall, Volo post, or door section)
  • Glass inserts available in 1/2″ (up to 10’) or 3/8″ thickness (up to 9’ & 2-panel max)

Glazing options include:

  • Clear, Frost, Low Iron, Clear Laminated
  • Adjuster Block Kit
  • Connector brackets, seals, locking leg/tab, and fasteners

Frameless Ceiling Runner

Frameless Floor Runner

Frameless Vertical Adaptor for Drywall

Frameless Vertical Adaptor for Volo

Variations & Options


We have a wide array of door options that are standard selections to create just the right design inspiration. Plenty of options to create just right design inspiration

  • Flush Wood Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Full Lite Wood Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Aluminum Framed Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Doors
  • Double Sliding Doors in Aluminum and Wood match the Single Door Option
  • Variety of double door options: Aluminum Framed and Wood with HPL or Veneer
  • A wide array of options for pulls (18″, 36″ Post Pulls and 72″ Ladder Pulls) in Satin Chrome & Black
  • Locking and non-locking option for all pulls
  • Locks are standard or SFIC

Plus + Hardware

  • Choose among four styles of door hardware
  • Sliding Door: 18” & 36” Post Pulls and 72” Ladder Pulls
  • Swing Door: Lever Set
  • Locking and non-locking options are available


  • Volo Frameless Panels are offered as full glass only
  • Integration with Framed Volo panels is available (see options below)
Standard Surface Materials

Paint & Trim


Panel Vinyl


Panel Fabric

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