High Tech Strip Sensor


High Tech Strip Sensor

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Strip Sensor

High Tech PPE Technology

The StripSensor is seamless, sleek, and unmatched globally. This low cost solution is an excellent alternative for smaller entry points in both big and small businesses.

Our StripSensor is simply plug and play. This seamless non-invasive technology is quick and detects a person’s thermal body temperature as soon as they pass by it-detecting 300 people per minute and an accuracy of +/- .02° C. This continuous, instantaneous detection allows people to continue about their everyday life normally without having to stop and stand in front of the camera to be detected.

There is nothing like this low cost, efficient, easy to operate solution. This is the best way to make people and employees feel safe returning to their everyday normal lives.


Auto-Calibration to compensate environmental conditions
Adjustable visual & audio alarm
Adjustable sensativity
Adjustable temperature level alarm
Measuring characteristics
Frame rate: 50fps