Rechargeable Battery Pack for Desktop Risers


Rechargeable Battery Pack for Desktop Risers

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Our new Rechargeable Battery Pack powers your Desktop Riser for about one month from a full charge and is able to cycle at the same speed and withstand the same amount of weight as when it is plugged directly into an electrical socket. 


  • Fully Charged in 4-5 hours
  • When the pack is fully charged it can handle 300 complete up/down cycles
  • Protection Measure within the pack can protect against a short circuit 
  • Input voltage/current:  DC24-30V/ 3A max;
  • Output voltage/Current: DC20-30V/ 3A (instant current can reach 6A);
  • Standard nominal voltage: 26V, Standard nominal ampere-hour: 1800mAH


Compatible with:

  • All VersaDesk PowerPro® Models
  • All Micro Power Desktop Riser Models
  • Mini Power Desktop Riser