Edison Electric Lift Drafting Table

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Edison Electric Lift Drafting Table

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  • Electric height adjustment system from 24" to 50"
  • 45 degrees of tilt
  • Scratch resistant laminated wood surface
  • Steel frame
  • Includes lip to hold papers on table
  • Includes cable management and grommet holes in the frame
  • Smooth and quiet height adjustment
  • Available in 4 attractive color combinations
  • Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.

The Edison Electric Lift Table includes all of the best features of our professional drafting tables with the added convenience of true electric-powered sit-to-stand height adjustment. With the simple press of a button the table height can be adjusted anywhere from 24" up to 50", and the manual tilting surface provides up to 45 degrees of tilt for maximum ergonomic comfort.

Each Edison Drafting Table includes a lipped bottom storage tray to keep pens, pencils and other tools within easy reach. Many optional accessories are also available including monitor arms, cpu holders, keyboard trays, parallel bars and additional platforms for even more work space.

*Please note that the parallel bar is not included but can be added as an accessory