Downview Podium


Downview Podium

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  • 21" x 21" laminated wood surface
  • Hidden monitor mounted under surface
  • Includes retractable keyboard drawer
  • 43" - 45" in height
  • Tempered, anti-glare glass
  • Dual-door enclosure
  • Unique Downview Design
  • Can be accessorized with wheels for mobility

One of the most attractive, sleek, and functional podiums on the market, the VersaTables Downview Podium is ideal for lecture halls, conference centers, and classrooms. The 21"x 21" wood surface is inlaid with glare-resistant, tempered glass for a unique design that allows the speaker to see a tilt-adjustable computer monitor mounted just below, inside the podium.

A retractable keyboard drawer makes use of the computer easy and ergonomic, providing the speaker with the option of reviewing information or conducting his/her own PowerPoint presentation without obstructing the view of the audience. The body of the podium is constructed from recycled steel and features a dual-door cabinet perfect for hiding the CPU or storing collateral materials. Four color combinations are available.