Deluxe Cable Management Kit

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Deluxe Cable Management Kit

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  • Reduces trip hazards
  • Minimizes potential computer damage
  • Clean and attractive work area
  • 24 8" cable ties
  • 24 14" cable ties
  • 8 foot flexible tubing
  • 24 adhesive mounting pads

Reduce trip hazards, protect cables, and clean up your workspace with the Versa Deluxe Cable Management kit. Nests of messy cables and wires cause a variety of problems: they can easily catch on shoes and heels, yanking them out of the CPU; they can be ripped out and destroyed by vacuums and pets, they waste time when trying to find out if a component is unplugged, they pose serious safety and trip hazards, and they make a workspace appear cluttered.

The Deluxe Cable Management kit resolves all of these issues regardless of how many cables and wires emanate from your CPU. The kit includes: one 8" flexible tubing, twenty-four 14" black cable ties, twenty-four 8" black cable ties, and twenty-four cable tie mounting pads with rubber adhesive that stick to almost any surface. The combination allows you to neatly gather the cables that run from the power supply to the CPU and hide smaller speaker, router, and keyboard wires behind the desk and under the desk's surface.