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Capture is a versatile, full-featured frame and tile System. Its clean lines, crisp details, and smart storage are ideal for today’s work environments. Exceptionally easy to plan, install, reconfigure. Many new enhancements have been included as standard options making Capture better than ever.

  • Versatile frame-and-tile system
  • Exceptionally easy to design, install and reconfigure
  • Fastest-to-assemble system on the market
  • Clean, modern design to complement any interior
  • Laminate, Tackable, Marker Board, Steel, Slatwall and Data Tile options
  • Tiles install in seconds without tools—just click into place
  • Generous array of coordinating storage components
  • Lower-height panels and storage units maximize daylight, views and visibility
  • Power and data access at beltline or base
  • Three work surface support options as alternative to end panels
Variations & Options

Capture Swing Door

  • Add more privacy to your traditional systems office with a full-size door. The Door Frame is 90″ tall and can have a solid stacker placed on top to reach the max height of 98″ inches.

Capture Double Glass Stacker

  • Our double glass stackers allow you to create up to 48″ of additional height without sacrificing anything. These ship complete from our factory in the color or size you desire.

Capture Bottom Open Tile

  • For situations where you need to get power directly from the wall, this new Bottom Open Tile makes it easy to plug right into the wall and makes reconfiguration a breeze.

Customize Capture by specifying various tiles to get the perfect combination of look and function.

  • Laminate Tiles afford an upscale aesthetic
  • Tackable Tiles keep notes and photos in sight
  • Marker Board Tiles make vertical surfaces work harder
  • Steel Tiles take magnets for extra functionality
  • Slatwall Tiles accept Work Tools to keep desktop clear of clutter
  • Data Tiles put data and power within easy reach
  • Glass Stackers admit daylight and offer views
  • Frameless Glass Screens deliver a sense of privacy without blocking daylight

There’s a place for everything with the multiple storage options available as part of the Capture System.

  • Panel-Hung Storage puts vertical space to work
  • Panel-Top Mounted Storage serves workers on both sides of a panel
  • Designer Shelf provides extra storage in a barely-there profile
  • Credenzas and Bench-Height Storage offer attractive horizontal options
  • Storage Towers pack a lot into a compact area

Choose among five pull styles for Capture storage components.


Work Tools insert in Slat Wall Tiles to organize items and keep clutter off the work surface.

Standard Surface Materials

Paint & Trim


Storage Laminate

Panel Fabric


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